Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Back

It's been months since i have blogged! For many reasons it seems that I have not had the time, motivation nor desire to hit the blog spot! Something in the past few weeks has had me thinking to get started again. Something today has made me do it!

So many things have happened since coming home from Israel. The good the bad (and in fear of being tacky) the UGLY! I have so much i could write and say in retrospect,but  I wonder how much of it is worth repeating to an audience who simply weren't there....
I can't remember what I wrote in my last post so i hope I don't repeat things but here's a little about the months that have passed!

After a rough transition back into everyday life for all of us life started to settle a little around September. We started seeing these amazing changes in Noam..... I guess we will never know what influenced these changes but I would say a little bit of Israel and little bit of home, a little bit of love and A LOT of Noam! As the year came to an end i think the whole family had exhausted 2011. Grumpy, angry and tired seemed to be on top of the list. It was time to re group as a family. We have had a great holiday and now starts the next chapter!

I guess you could say the Noam had an average year at kinder this year... but all in all he did it and he is moving on! He starts mainstream school in approximately four weeks and believe it or not i am actually feeling a little excited... So stay tuned as Noam's life of WOW continues.