Monday, June 20, 2011

The update you have all been waiting for

Where to begin?

Well that last few days in Israel were like on of those emotion charts! full of every emotion possible! Happy and Sad were the two major ones! All the therapists and I got together for an official closing discussion. Their thoughts opinions and ways to continue. It was wonderful and teary. The last day was very hard for me. I was getting close to coming home (just had the weekend to get through)  and i was so excited but I had to say goodbye to the people that helped me and supported me. We had a little party for Noam and another little girl who also attended the institute from England! Noam gave everyone a flower and a big hug and really understood that he was heading home!

I had a meeting with the Rabbi Raffi Feurenstein... that was exciting, it gave me more motivation and hope for the future and the trip home!
The weekend was great and long! We were both anxious and ready to get home! Noam had some last minute fun with my family! Horse riding, swimming at the beach! Just beautiful!

Lucky for me i bumped into some friends of mum and dad's just before boarding the flight home! They flew all the way home with us and that was a blessing!!! great to have help and a familiar face!
Noam was great on the plane but by the last leg was full of energy! Good old Qantas and their amazing staff... lets just say, they all knew Noam by the end of the flight!

Melbourne Airpot walking through those doors and I got it!! the hugs I had been waiting so long for. Mika, Shuly, Naish and my Dad ( mum was in bed it was an early flight).

It's been two weeks now and things are starting to settle.. Noam had a hard start sleep wise but as the days went on he got better and better! It was so great to be home and even better to be able to share the experience finally with Naish and the rest of the family! What has been even better has been the changes they have seen! Noam has settled back into school and kinder and it will be interesting to see how those changes carry though....
I am back into running a household, being a mother, a wife a friend and a girl on a mission to find the support and therapies to keep this kid growing!
There are lots of exciting things coming up in the horizon and I promise to keep update happening through my blog!!  ( especially seeing as 130 people viewed it yesterday)

It wasn't really until I got home that I realised how much I had changed! Two weeks in and i am realising that some things you can't change, some things you have already changed, some things you don't want to change!


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  2. LOL!! have to ask Elaine, what does that mean?