Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank you!

We were so blessed to be given this opportunity! The generosity of work colleges, family and friends and people we haven't even met, was then as is still now overwhelming. I will be forever grateful to everyone who has helped us get here both finically and emotionally.... I can honestly say with all my heart that you have given Noam a new beginning.. you have given Noam direction and knowledge to see the world through clear eyes. To know, to understand and be a part of a world that every person deserves to be apart of! I have to say it again THANK YOU!!

Tomorrow is our last day at the Institute! WOW! Five weeks have past, I have learnt so much and  so has Noam. We had final meeting with all the therapists and me! They each went around and spoke about what they have been doing with Noam, why and where to go from here. I have filmed it so that I can share it with everyone in melbourne that works with Noam and for me to keep the inspiration and motivation flowing within me! I also spoke about my experience, how we got to Israel, how the trip has effected me and how I see the changes in Noam... My goals for the future

This trip has taught me to believe again.. It has opened my world to a sea of opportunities for Noam and made me believe in a child whose future 6 weeks ago I was not to certain of! I have learnt to have faith in Noam, let him be the five year old he is! Give him the independence he deserves and send him on his way to be wants and needs to be! (with a little help from me)

I can't forget to say a big thank you to a few other people! My amazing family here in Israel who not only have embraced Noam but have cherish him supported us and honestly helped me get through the toughest 6 weeks of my life!

To the therapists at the Institute! ( I know some of you have found this blog) Your support and dedication infectious! Each and every one of you has something unique and inspirational to offer.. Keep doing the amazing work that you do and always remember that you are changing the lives of so many families and so many children who will be forever grateful. You have not only given me hope you have given Noam Life.... You have shown him what the world has to offer and taught him to embrace it!
There are no words to describe to you all how grateful I am! I am going to miss you all and I prey that one day I will be back with Noam to continue this amazing Journey!

Monday, May 30, 2011

There is nothing more magical than Erez Israel. ( the land of Israel) Tonight we stood and watched a city unite on the eve of Yom Yerushalayim ( Jerusalem Day) . We walk the streets in pride, waving the Israeli flags and sining about a country that means so much has given so much.

There is nothing more magical than watching your child flourish amongst crowds. Become a boy who understands, is intrigued and excited and who I honestly believe felt the pride all other Yerushalmi's (people of Jerusalem) did today!  

Noam asked me to 'walk with the people'..... He told me he wanted a flag.... And as he watched the tractors drive by he waved, said shalom and talked about the tractor he went on with his cousin Motty to see the 'SHEEP'....

This is a boy who's world has been opened up not only to language but to everything it has to offer. I realised today as I walked with Noam that he is no longer a passive member of society but an active one! 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

When I come home and Noam sleeps i have been reading a lot on this theory that has intrigued me so much. Today i came across a piece of writing that just put it all together for me. 

(my husband being a librarian  I should probably quote that properly but that would mean having to go back through my papers... another time maybe) 

I could probably try and summarise what this means for you but I think i may just put the link to the site I have been reading and if you are interested have a read! ESPECIALLY people out there who have children!

Just to clarify.. the child is often and just shouldn't be! When mediating it's also about changing yourself for the child,  looking at the individual child, setting the environment for the individual child and 'stimuli' - looking at what will motivate the individual child and using that knowledge to extend learning!

(hope that makes sense)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So you would like to know how all this learning and mediation has helped Noam? well let me tell you.
Tonight we had to take Noam to the doctor! A suspected ear infection diagnosed by myself! Noam HATES doctors and never ever cooperates. As expected when she went to check his ear he carried on, screamed no no no and wouldn't let her look! I asked him to listen to me and I asked him if his ear was sore? he said yes! I basically explained to him that 'if you want it to feel better then you need to let her look so she can give you some medicine!' He said NO! I asked him if he wanted to go home and see daddy and Mika and Shuly in a week? He said YES! so I explained ' We need to check your ear so we can give you medicine, otherwise you can't go on a plane home to see them! he said OKAY! he sat and let the doctor look. He then said THANK YOU! So now I think I can say this trip is really going to change our lives!

Thank you!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I almost forgot to add that on the way home from the institute today Noam spoke to me! He said - MUMMY play Chana and shira, Leah and Shmuel! 'Shmuel Noam friend' He said! !!!!
unfortunately  I couldn't stop crying (tears of pride) so I found it hard to talk back!! LOVE THAT KID!
When things get tough you generally feel like packing it in! Well that's how I felt at the beginning of this week! Really I did, you can ask the girls at the institute, you can ask my husband who I sobbed too and you can even ask my mum and dad who for no reason I got angry at! Most of all you can ask NOAM! To whom I really cried too. It seems like he listen as today he had a truly amassing day! Lots of great talking, lots of great sequencing, planning and co operating! And yes today not only did he eat chicken, he also ate mashed potato! ( i know i am getting carried away with the eating chat but really guys, it is AMAZING as this is a kids who just never eats anything!

What Have I learnt so far? I ask myself this question every day. The answer is simple! The more you expect the more you get! The more you talk the more he understands. The more you mediate the more chance he has of reciprocating through language play and motivation. Most of all I have learnt that Noam needs to treated like he is 5 years old!!!!

Here are some pics of what Noam did today! Tomorrow I will explain in a little more detail how and why!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I wasn't going to blog today! But here I am. I felt like I didn't really have much to say and didn't want to bore anyone with words of nothing. I am so tired that i am finding it hard to fall asleep. My mind is full of endless thoughts. The trip is coming to an end with only 7 Days left at the institute! where to go from here and how am I going to get him there? If you have a chat with Naish I think he would agree that my mind is in overload... I have been emailing home with instructions to make appointments  for when we get home and there are even some that he doesn't know I have made! I am so excited for the future and determined to give Noam even more!

The past two days were hard. Noam regressed a little in behaviour and was struggling a little to cope with the demands on him. I was struggling to cope with the demands on me! Lucky for us we are surrounded by a support network of amazing individuals who lets just say 'saved the day'. It was time for a quotes and the quote of the day had to be 'ROME WASN'T BUIL IN A DAY'. No it wasn't and although tacky is was the perfect thing for someone to say to me!

Noam has come so far... It is only natural that he regresses a little. I see it as 10 steps forward 2 steps back 20 steps forward 1 step back!  His anger and frustration in the past seemed to be for no reason! It seems that now Noam's ability to understand this world around him together with his desire to be surrounded by a world of language has refocused his anger to 'real' frustration in not being able to 'talk' and use language as a tool of communication. He is trying so hard and in time  I am sure in will succeed!

Today he ate a PLATE of schnitzel! WOW