Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When things get tough you generally feel like packing it in! Well that's how I felt at the beginning of this week! Really I did, you can ask the girls at the institute, you can ask my husband who I sobbed too and you can even ask my mum and dad who for no reason I got angry at! Most of all you can ask NOAM! To whom I really cried too. It seems like he listen as today he had a truly amassing day! Lots of great talking, lots of great sequencing, planning and co operating! And yes today not only did he eat chicken, he also ate mashed potato! ( i know i am getting carried away with the eating chat but really guys, it is AMAZING as this is a kids who just never eats anything!

What Have I learnt so far? I ask myself this question every day. The answer is simple! The more you expect the more you get! The more you talk the more he understands. The more you mediate the more chance he has of reciprocating through language play and motivation. Most of all I have learnt that Noam needs to treated like he is 5 years old!!!!

Here are some pics of what Noam did today! Tomorrow I will explain in a little more detail how and why!


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