Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's not the first time in the past five years that someone has said to me 'Limor, you have to stop being such a good mother'. It's also not the first time these words have brought tears to my eyes. Why?

For those of you who know me well and know my relationship with Noam you will know that we are very close. I will do anything in the world to protect all my kids, to give them the best life I can give them... sometimes the protection is something they just don't need, Noam in particular. For a few years now we have been working on language with Noam. I would have to agree and it is something that the institute and it's wonderful people have pointed out that Noam doesn't have a need to talk. I and we as a family talk for him.. without knowing it we are actually hindering his speech development as well as creating a field of behavioural issues which we play into ( especially me)! I am learning about the capability of a child who every day surprises me.
Today we had some big tantrums. I'll admit that I got to a point where i fell into the trap of yelling and getting frustrated. going head to head with Noam simply feeds into his seek of attention. Slowly I am discovering that the world of speech and explanation (mediation) actually eliminates frustration, lack of communication and most of all anger! I guess I am human and at times struggle as any parent does but the more I learn the more he succeeds!

Today Noam showed me is ability to develop new skills. His ability to learn listen and succeed!
I DID IT!!!!
May I also add that participating in the group sessions at the institute have once again wowed me!! Noam not only enjoyed every minute he thrived! using three word sentences interacting with kids who don't even speak his language! and wait for it, eating CAPSICUM and RICE WITH CHICKEN.

Oh and before I forget, the surprise i wasn't telling you about was a big flop so their is really no point writing about it! sorry, i know you were all getting very curious but really don't loose any sleep over it.

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