Saturday, May 14, 2011

reflections with a little play

The sole purpose for coming to Israel is for the intensive program the institute offers. Sadly their is no such place in Australia but we are working on it! I can't  help but ponder the thought of bringing Naish and the kids to Israel for a year or two so that Noam can work at the institute with these inspirational people for a longer period of time. I honestly believe it would change his life. Practically i know these thought are only dreams. Reality kicks in and well we all know what that means!

Most of you know that I have spent many years in Israel. I connect to the culture and the people and honestly I have always felt Israel to be my home away from home. I feel it even more now! This trip for me has been a very different experience, being here with Noam has shown me a side of Israel i never knew existed. For one i now know where all the parks are in Jerusalem not just the pubs!  It has been hard to move around and see people in our free time as Noam has really struggled with the change and has been finding it hard to settle. One thing he is enjoying is chatting to people as i wheel him around in the pram. Through the shooks (markets) and through the streets I am certain that he too is connecting to country that means so much to me! 
Today we went with my friend Aviv and her son Guy to Neve Tzedek in Telaviv.  As we walked around I was amazed at how much the city of Telaviv has changed. I have to admit I am falling more and more in love with the new Israel every day. 

Its was an amazing today today and it felt great to be free of the emotion that comes with our experiences in Jerusalem. It was amazing to spend time with my dear friend who herself is an inspiration to me!

tomorrow it's back to work and I am really looking forward to learning learning learning and more learning! 

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