Thursday, May 26, 2011

So you would like to know how all this learning and mediation has helped Noam? well let me tell you.
Tonight we had to take Noam to the doctor! A suspected ear infection diagnosed by myself! Noam HATES doctors and never ever cooperates. As expected when she went to check his ear he carried on, screamed no no no and wouldn't let her look! I asked him to listen to me and I asked him if his ear was sore? he said yes! I basically explained to him that 'if you want it to feel better then you need to let her look so she can give you some medicine!' He said NO! I asked him if he wanted to go home and see daddy and Mika and Shuly in a week? He said YES! so I explained ' We need to check your ear so we can give you medicine, otherwise you can't go on a plane home to see them! he said OKAY! he sat and let the doctor look. He then said THANK YOU! So now I think I can say this trip is really going to change our lives!

Thank you!

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