Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's been a short week at the institute. A shame but that's what you get in a country that celebrates.. We arrived back in Jerusalem on wednesday after the independence day celebrations. Noam was a little angry to leave Bilu (my families house) but was very excited to see the staff at the institute when we got there. He is still struggling a little to cooperate at the beginning of sessions but is coming around quicker than the past few weeks! Mediation is the key and golly it works! It seems that a few of the staff have tuned into what he likes. Most sessions now start with something to do with sheep, cars or trains. This is a great way to get him involved and interested! WE continued with counting, sorting, up and down lines and to my surprise Noam is starting to think more methodically... He too is very proud of himself. We are starting to see words like WOW and YEY disappear as he begins to embrace language and use phrases like "I DID IT".

One of the sessions we have had weekly is Yoga for children. Besides a tool used to calm and relax the session involves symbolic representation which will give Noam the skill to identify symbols and and relate them to every day experiences and objects. This time it was my turn to say WOW! the therapists showed him a card of a yoga pose, next to it she placed a card (picture) of an animal doing the same pose. Noam has to relate the two cards and then do the pose with his body. The first two session we have had with Ayelet he found it difficult to relate the two. Today he was a pro, achieving all the poses with ease and identifying the relation between the two. he really enjoying the experience at the same time! Video and pics to follow next week.

Next week Noam will participate in group sessions within a combined mainstream and special needs kinder program. This will give me some time to myself (which I soooo need) as well as give the therapists the opportunity to observe and work with Noam within a group session.

For now time to spell check and say goodbye!

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