Monday, May 9, 2011


Today was the best day we have had since arriving at the institute. Noam seems to have settled and seems to be enjoying the staff and the environment! Thanks goodness as I was starting to really feel like I had put too much pressure on him by taking him aways from his environment and the people he loves!

All four sessions today were amazing.. It seems that I have this mediation technique down pat!! (well maybe not perfect) but I am defiantly on my way...

Today I came to some conclusions on my own about the Feurnstein approach.. I was proud of myself and at the same time fascinated with my discoveries and how they relate to 'Noam's life (of WOW). 
Sequencing and the importance it plays in every aspect of life... starting with numbers leading to language,, sequencing sets the tone for understanding. This understanding gives the child the tools to understand, discover accept and participate. Over the past week and a half at the institute each therapist has worked on a different level of sequencing . Today i discovered why!

Before we left Australia Noam's kinder teacher gave me two drawings that Noam had done. One was a pig and one was a sheep! Noam knew what they were but to the average eye they were not recognisable. This was the start of symbolic drawing. Today at the institute together with the OT they worked on drawing a person. In order to help Noam understanding of the meaning of what they were drawing the Ot called the person 'daddy' Noam was very excited but the idea and decided to take a piece of paper and a texta. Rather than draw a person, Noam drew an aeroplane! WOW!! all that talk about Daddy he wanted to go on the plane to see his daddy! AMAZING

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