Thursday, April 28, 2011

History repeats itself

As a little girl growing up I spent many weeks in Israel. My father came from a place called Kfar Bilu. Here we call it a mushav!  in english i have no idea at this time what you would call it! Many years ago there were chickens, cows, horses and orange trees. We used to come to visit the family and spend hours on tractors and playing with the animals. My uncle and aunty still live here and it is here that we are staying until we head to Jerusalem on Sunday to begin at the institute. Although there is not really much agriculture  left, there is still a tractor!! Watching Noam on the tractor with his cousin Motty ( or as Noam says it OTTY) brought back many amazing memories from being a child visiting Israel!

Not only is Noam's language and behaviour changing for the better daily ( and we haven't even gotten down to business yet) His life experiences are fascinating him and his reaction to what he experiences for me is a beautiful one to watch.

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  1. wow amazing Lim - what magic - seeing Noam on a tractor gives me flashbacks of our days on Kibbutz too. Enjoy your time with the family there!