Saturday, April 9, 2011

What am I looking for?

I could write a book about feelings, emotions and the Journey that began a little more than 5 years ago! (18-11-05 to be exact) with almost 2 weeks until Noam and I head off, everyday brings another emotion I never knew existed!  Over the past few weeks i have had many people wish us all the best! The comment of the year seems to be ' I hope you find whatever you are looking for'!

What am i looking for?
There are so many things that I wish for this trip!
I wish to be challenged and inspired!
I wish to spend time with my son and get to know more about this amazing person i have brought into this world.
I wish to understand how his mind works.
l I wish to give Noam the skills and determination to be the person he wants to be!
I wish for him to experience, explore, develop and understand

Sometimes being a mother is just not enough on it's own to help your child grow and succeed!  

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  1. So well put Limor... I really look forward to reading about Noam's and your experiences. Love to you all x