Thursday, April 21, 2011

There is lots of buzz around our place at the moment! Getting ready to go is reminding me what it felt like to get married! So much preparation, talk and excitement and then the big day! Life changing, amazing and defiantly scary! For those of you who know Naish there is nothing scary about him. For those of you who know Noam, well the big flight and a change in routine blah blah blah for me is scary!

The internet has been my saviour since giving birth to this amazing child! Not a night has gone bye over the past five years where i haven't sat and 'google' something to do with Down Syndrome, Vitamins, special diets and lots more (admittedly i have been known to make a few purchases on ebay or buyinvite!) Tonight has been no different!  The good news is, thanks to google i am now aware that Hong Kong International airport has children's play areas and big big big television screens scattered through the departure lounges just for kids.

Bring on the the 11 hour Stop over......
Stay posted people as the big day arrives so will the exciting posts about flights, airports and Israel!!
more importantly 1st of May is our first day at the institute!!

till then
see ya!!


  1. You going Qantas? I have some business lounge passes that you are welcome to!

    Let me know if you want them..

  2. Of course, I have no idea if they work for anyone other than myself.. but um, I can check..

  3. Thanks shoshana!!
    Not sure business class lounge would appreciate noam!! I think we I will just run him through the airpot! Thanks again for thinking of me and offering! xx

  4. Baby Liam and I will be following your incredible journey in Israel with great excitement! Sending you lots of love and strength to adjust to the change in routine and the work ahead, and most importantly to enjoy this extraordinary opportunity together! :-D