Saturday, April 2, 2011

Three weeks before the big trip!

So I have no idea about how to go about this blog stuff but i am sure i will learn fast! 3 weeks to go and we are getting ready! I told the kids today that Noam and I were going away! hmmmm not sure how that went down! I told Mika  that I was taking Noam to Israel to see lots of doctors!! He  was so scared to go to bed incase i wasn't going to be there in the morning! Poor kid. The fear was taken away with the excitement of the idea of me buying lots of gifts and sending them to 'his mail box'. One very happy little boy!
As for Noam he was excited about going on a plane! That thought was overshadowed by the Phenergan taking affect which resulted in some strange tongue movements and a play with daddy's hair before passing out in bed!! YEY for phenergin bring on that 20 hour flight!!!
And Shuly, well she was more worried about the boys getting a chocolate biscuit when all she got was a bottle!

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