Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shalom Israel

After lots of anticipation, nerves and excitement we have arrived in Israel!!
Noam was a star on the plane!!! Lots of WOW's lots of chit chat and best of all lots of SLEEPING!! YEY for Noam. The most exciting part for him was landing in Hong Kong! Once we landed we got a big AGAIN. In HK we spent and interesting 11 hours! walking walking and more walking! We had a ball but to be honest after about 4 hours i was ready to fly on. Noam took on a role of 'model' for the time we spent there, i am not sure i am able to count how many times he had his picture taken by random people! strange and a little nerving.
Then onto Israel with ELAL. One amazing part of flying into israel with ELAL for those of you who haven't been is when the plane lands there is applause from all aboard... Noam was no different just louder and topped up with many 'mummy' , mummy' WOW! He had everyone around him in tears of laughter!
I have to say that the help i received from Qantas was outstanding!! from ELAL, well lets just say welcome to Israel!!

I now find myself sitting at my family waiting for the next part of this amazing journey to begin... On sunday we head to Jerusalem. I can't wait!!

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